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International Update | July 22, 2016

JNF-KKL works in al-Araqib

On Sunday, July 17, JNF-KKL established a work camp in al-Araqib and started working in the village’s lands. Tractors are cultivating these lands for five days already, although legal discussion regarding them is still taking place in the district court.

Already in January 2011, Judge Netzer of the District Court suggested the JNF-KKL and the state that while the case is still discussed in court, no irreversible changes will be made in these lands.

unnamed (1)
JNF-KKL tractors in al-Araqib

In December 2012, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal made by the state that these lands will be registered as state lands without discussion. The Supreme Court sent the residents of al-Araqib and the state back to the District Court, allowing the residents to try and prove their ownership over land.

In addition, the works are held in spite of former KKL chairman Efi Shtentzler promise in 2012 that the JNF-KKL will not plant trees in these lands.

The lands that are being cultivated are part of the last four lots that were not yet planted with JNF-KKL trees.

Click and watch a short video of one of the violent arrests in al-Araqib:


Residents’ Protest against the JNF-KKL

Since the beginning of the work in their lands, residents of al-Araqib are standing every day in front of the tractors, protesting against the JNF-KKL works. Under extreme heat, women, children and men stand and watch the JNF-KKL taking over their ancestral lands.

Although the peaceful manner of this protest, eight protesters were arrested by police this week already, including three minors (12, 13, 17) and one elderly man (80).

sheikh sayyah
Sheikh Sayyah detained by police, enters Border Police vehicle (21.07.2016)

Today, the Sheikh of the village, Sayyah a-Turi, and three of his sons, Aziz, Adel and Ali, were detained. They were released only in the afternoon.

What can you do?

  • Send an email to Daniel Atar, chairman of the KKL in Israel, and demand him to stop the JNF-KKL works in al-Araqib >> danielat@kkl.org.il
  • Contact your local JNF-KKL office and demand them to stop the JNF-KKL works in al-Araqib >> Click here for the list of JNF-KKL offices and their contact information.
  • Visit and al-Araqib and join the protest – contact us at info@dukium.org for transportation.
  • Follow NCF on Facebook and Twitter for live updates about al-Araqib.


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