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פורום דו-קיום בנגב לשוויון אזרחי
منتدى التعايش السلمي في النقب من أجل المساواة المدنية

Exhibition by Bedouin children and Finnish Ambassador in the Naqab 29.5.2022


Exhibition of photographs by Bedouin children 

Photo taken by NCF’s staff with representatives of the Campaign for the Children of Palestine (CCP) who support the project, 22.5.2022

An exhibition with photographs taken by Bedouin children was inaugurated last week at Kaye College. The exhibition is a result of NCF’s project Through a Child’s Lens and has been also displayed in the Eretz Israel Museum.
The exhibition features children from the unrecognized villages and is on display until the end of the month.
Thank you to CCP Japan for their constant support and protection of the rights of the Bedouin children

Freedom of protest


Arrest of student and Bedouin human rights defender Mariam Abu Kwider, on Thursday 12.5.2022

We would like to update you on the arrest of a Bedouin pharmacy student and activist Miriam Abu Kwider, on Thursday 12.5.2022. She was arrested by police in civilian clothes on the campus of Ben-Gurion University, following a demonstration in memory of journalist Sheerin Abu Akla, which was held that day at the university. She had been previously investigated by the Israeli Security Agency for publishing allegedly inciting content on social media.

The Negev Coexistence Forum together with Adalah and the Human Rights Defenders Fund assisted in obtaining the legal representation of Adv. Shahde Ibn Bari. A group of students organized another protest rally on 16.5.2022 during a hearing on Miriam’s case, at the end of which her detention was extended until 17.5.2022.

An appeal filed by Adv. Ibn Bari was rejected and on Thursday 19.5.2022 another hearing was held and her detention was extended until Sunday 22.5.2022. That same day the court ruled that Mariam would remain under house arrest for two weeks with a ban on using the phone or computer.

Photo taken by students who organized the demonstration, 16.5.2022

New publication: Children and youth as internally displaced people

The International Displacement Monitoring Committee (IDMC) and the Norwegian Refugee Council published a report with worldwide data on displacement related to conflict and violence in 2021. NCF contributed with up-to-date information on displacement in the Negev
Continue reading the report here and NCF’s contributions here


Since 1968, IWGIA has cooperated with indigenous organisations and international institutions to promote recognition and implementation of the rights of indigenous peoples. IWGIA works to empower indigenous peoples through documentation, capacity development and advocacy on local, regional and international level. Every year, IWGIA issues a book: The Indigenous World. The book is the result of a collaborative effort between indigenous and non-indigenous activists and scholars who voluntarily share their valuable insights and analysis.This year, NCF contributed to documentation of the Arab Bedouin indigenous people of the Negev/Naqab.

Continue reading (page 510)  IWGIA website 

International Advocacy

NCF sent urgent messages to the UN Human Rights Council and to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions regarding the arrest of Miriam Abu Kwider.
Read more here

The Ambassador of Finland visited the Naqab

The Finnish Ambassador HE Ambassador Ms Kirsikka Lehto-Asikainen, and her staff visited the villages of al-ʿArāgīb and as-Sirrah last week and heard about the history of the villages and the governmental policy. They also visited an exhibition of photographs taken by Bedouin children, displayed at Kaye College, and heard from NCF’s staff about the various projects on the field.

Thank you to the staff of the Embassy of Finland for their willingness to tour the Naqab and hear the residents’ stories and their struggle for equal rights and justice.

Unrecognized village of al-ʿArāgīb with resident Sabah Abu Madiam, 24.5.2022. Photo by Elianne Kremer
Unrecognized village of al-ʿArāgīb with resident Sabah Abu Madiam, 24.5.2022. Photo by Elianne Kremer
Unrecognized village of as-Sirrah, with Bedouin resident, activist and NCF’s board member Khalil Alamour. Photo taken by Haia Noach, 24.5.2022
Prof. and Rector Arie Ratner hosts the Finnish delegation at Kaye College, in the exhibition “From the eyes of the children”. Photo taken by Elianne Kremer, 24.5.2022 

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28-08-23 - Tal ʿArād is an unrecognized village located north-west of the Jewish town Arad. Several buildings were demolished. Minister Ben Gvri was present and called the demolitions "a sacred Work".

23-08-23 - Rahat is a Bedouin township. Several buildings were demolished today

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