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פורום דו-קיום בנגב לשוויון אזרחי
منتدى التعايش السلمي في النقب من أجل المساواة المدنية

Remembering Umm al-Ḥīrān, The struggle continues!


The unrecognized village of Umm al-Ḥīrān reached the news in 2017 when a member of the village, Ya’aqub Abu al-Qian, was killed during a demolition operation. But the story of Umm al-Ḥīrān began long before the horrible death of Abu al-Qian. It is a story of dispossession, displacement and neglect. You can find the full story of the village from 1948 to the present, on our interactive village website – including photos and videos taken by the villagers themselves.

On the Map- Umm al-Ḥīrān


24-06-20 - Bīr al-Ḥamām, an unrecognized village located north of route 25. Two houses were demolished by authorities.

18-06-20 - az-Zarnūg, an unrecognized village located near the Bedouin township of Šgīb as-Salām (Segev Shalom). Two houses and one animal pen were demolished by authorities.

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