• Kuseifa is a Bedouin town established by the State at the traditional location of the Adulam tribe and other families and on their land. For years, the area of the town was used as a rural center for the Bedouin population living in the Negev-Nagab. This is evidenced by a large ancient cemetery, as well as a variety of stone buildings and water cisterns located in the town.

      Kuseifa was founded in 1982 alongside the establishment of the Nevatim military air base and as part of the peace treaty with Egypt. The need to establish a military airport to replace those operating in the Sinai led to the eviction of the Bedouin population living in Tel Malhata area. 

      The Land Acquisition Law – 1980, also known as the “Peace Law “, enabled the Israeli authorities to uproot almost 5,000 Bedouins from their villages to the town. At first, Kuseifa was a part of the Masos Regional Council and in 1996 was declared a local council. Currently the population of Kuseifa is around 19,000 residents.

      Kuseifa is ranked in the lowest cluster in the socio-economic ranking of localities in Israel. There are 11 primary and secondary schools in the town, 46 kindergartens and a community center. The town has five medical clinics. The various services provided by the town also serve the residents of the nearby unrecognized Bedouin villages.