• General Background

      The village of al-Bāṭil is an unrecognized village situated south of Rahaṭ. With the expansion of the southern quarter of Rahaṭ, the village has in fact situated inside the city. There are about 1,350 inhabitants, who had arrived to the present location in 1948, having been removed by the state from the area of Ofakim. The village is named after a pool that existed in the land of the al-Bāṭil family, before the foundation of the state.

      Services and Infrastructure

      There are no education and health services in the village. These services are provided only in the town of Rahaṭ, about 5 km away from the village centre and ten minutes ride.

      The inhabitants of al-Bāṭil obtain water from a pipe they had drawn themselves on their own expense from Rahaṭ, and for which they pay the maintenance costs. The village is not connected to the electric grid and the inhabitants use generators.


      The village of al-Bāṭil is unrecognized and is at present situated amidst the southern quarter of  Rahaṭ. The main threat to the village is the expansion of Rahaṭ, as the ‘Israel Land Administration’ began marketing plots of land there, and houses in the village that stand in the way of development are destroyed. The state intends to demolish the entire village, and in recent years the village has been subject to increased house demolitions.