• Hura is a Bedouin town established by the State near ​​Khirbet Khura. The formation of Hura began in the mid-1970s. However, the work was formally halted and resumed only in 1989 when Hura became part of the Shoket Regional Council. In 1996 it was declared a local council and today there are about 18,000 residents living in Hura.

      Hura is also ranked in the lowest cluster of the socio-economic rankings of localities in Israel. There are 14 primary and secondary schools, 56 kindergartens, and a community center. Hura has five clinics and medical centers. The various services provided by the town to its inhabitants also serve residents of the nearby unrecognized Bedouin villages.

      As of 2017, the Negev Authority for Regulation of the Bedouin Settlements and Development is acting to relocate the residents of the unrecognized village of Umm al-Hiran into the town of Hura against their will and despite the opposition of the local council of Hura, which claims that it needs the vacant lots for its own residents.