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פורום דו-קיום בנגב לשוויון אזרחי
منتدى التعايش السلمي في النقب من أجل المساواة المدنية

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The Negev Coexistence Forum relies upon the generous financial contribution of its supporters. If you wish to contribute to protecting and advancing the rights of Bedouin communities in the Negev region of Israel, and if you believe in the work of the Negev Coexistence Forum, we encourage you to make your donation today. Each and every donation plays a crucial role in enabling us to do our work and in making a positive impact on Bedouin lives.


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15-02-17 - Tal as-Sabaʿ (Tel Sheva), Bedouin planned town, one fence was demolished

15-02-17 - Ksīfih, Bedouin planned town, one house was demolished

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